Metrical Index

MeterFirst Line (Author)Number
104thYe souls that are weak, and helpless, and poor, (J. Hart)129
104thThe sweet Lamb of God comes forth to be slain, (J. Berridge)150
104thThe fountain of Christ, assist me to sing, (J. Hart)155
104thA fulness resides in Jesus our Head, (J. Fawcett)184
104thHow mighty thou art, O Lord, to convert; (Augustus Toplady)197
104thYe children of God, by faith in his Son, (J. Hart)221
104thOmnipotent Lord, my Saviour and King, (C. Wesley)229
104thBegone, unbelief, my Saviour is near, (John Newton)232
104thThe fear of the Lord our days will prolong, (J. Hart)254
104thThou Fountain of bliss, thy smile I entreat; (Augustus Toplady)262
104thJehovah has said, ’tis left on record, (J. Kent)297
104thMy soul, Lord, inflame with zeal from above, (Samuel Medley)321
104thMy soul, now arise, my passions, take wing; (Samuel Medley)322
104thThough troubles assail and dangers affright; (John Newton)324
104thIf Jesus is ours, we have a true Friend, (W. Hammond)343
104thOur Saviour alone, the Lord, let us bless, (J. Cennick)404
104thO what shall I do my Saviour to praise, (C. Wesley)408
104thTo Zion we go, the seat of our King, (J. Swain)417
104thWhat creatures beside are favoured like us? (J. Hart)449
104thThe good hand of God has brought us again (J. Hart)456
104thThe law of the Lord is perfect and good, (W. Gadsby)520
104thThanks be to my Head, the great King of kings, (W. Gadsby)521
104th[When Jesse’s young son was honoured of God, (W. Gadsby)549
104thYe saints of the Lord, rejoice in your King; (W. Gadsby)568
104thReturn to thy rest, my soul, and rejoice; (W. Gadsby)639
104thYe broken hearts all, who cry out, “Unclean,” (John Berridge)687
104thNo wisdom of man can spy out his heart, (John Berridge)710
104thThough strait be the way, with dangers beset, (J. Hart)778
104thYe lambs of Christ’s fold, ye weaklings in faith, (J. Hart)804
104thO where shall I find a guide to direct, (John Berridge)906
104thWherewith shall I come before the Most High, (John Berridge)907
104thSalvation by grace, how charming the song! (J. Kent)912
104thYe prisoners of hope, o’erwhelmèd with grief, (W. Hammond)998
104thYe tempted and tried, to Jesus draw nigh, (J. Wingrove)1000
10sImmortal honours rest on Jesus’ head; (W. Gadsby)667
10sJehovah God! eternal Lord most high! (W. Gadsby)668
10sPoor sinners, sunk in sin’s tremendous cell, (W. Gadsby)669
10sLord, let me feel the unction of thy love, (W. Gadsby)693
10sLord, we adore thee, and would fain express (W. Gadsby)699
10sWhen my dear Jesus hides his smiling face, (W. Gadsby)701
10sYe souls redeemed with Jesus’ precious blood, (W. Gadsby)703
11.8.Ye pilgrims of Zion, and chosen of God, (Henry Fowler)350
11.8.How blest is the man who in Jesus believes (W. Gadsby)591
11.9.How strange is the course that a Christian must steer! (J. Hart)309
112thWhen Adam by transgression fell, (J. Hart)89
112thNow I have found the ground wherein (J. A. Rothe translated by J. Weeks)96
112thIf ever it could come to pass, (J. Hart)182
112thThy presence, gracious God, afford; (J. Fawcett)454
112thThou poor, afflicted, tempted soul, (John Berridge)705
112thStrange and mysterious is my life; (John Newton)728
112thNo awful sense we find of sin, (John Berridge)744
112thA saint there was in days of old (J. Hart)790
112thDeep in a cold, a joyless cell, (J. Hart)835
112thI wonder not if giddy men (John Berridge)898
112thO thou with battering tempest tossed, (John Berridge)899
112thSay, wast thou not a captive born, (John Berridge)900
112thA godliness which feeds on form, (John Berridge)901
112thWatched by the world with jealous eye, (C. Wesley)955
112thHo, ye despairing sinners, hear, (J. Cennick)985
112thRedeemer! whither should I flee, (Augustus Toplady)1052
112thWeary of wandering from the Lord, (C. Wesley)1060
112thThou Friend of friendless sinners, hear, (R. Hill)1070
112thThou hidden love of God, whose height, (G. Tersteegen, translated by J. Wesley)1075
112thNot worthy, Lord, we must confess, (John Berridge)1120
11sThy mercy, my God, is the theme of my song, (J. Stocker)11
11s“And the Word was made flesh.” John 1. 14 (J. Hart)40
11sRejoicing in the Incarnation of Christ. Matt. 2. 10 (E. L. Schlict)41
11sThat Jesus the Saviour can make it quite whole; (Gospel Mag., 1777)52
11sThe Lord, in the day of his anger, did lay (C. Wesley)161
11sThe Lamb is exalted repentance to give, (J. Stevens)239
11sGreat Father of glory, how rich is thy grace! (J. Stevens)243
11sHow firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord, (K., 1787)329
11sI long for a concert of heavenly praise, (Isaac Watts)414
11sThe gospel brings tidings, glad tidings indeed, (W. Gadsby)524
11sA Physician, I learn, abides in this place, (W. Gadsby)548
11sIs Jesus my Saviour, my Husband, and Friend, (W. Gadsby)577
11sIn every believer two armies are seen, (W. Gadsby)612
11sWatch, watch, and be sober, ye children of God; (W. Gadsby)644
11sO Zion, afflicted with wave upon wave, (J. Grant)993
11sIn Jesus combine all the riches of grace, (Henry Fowler)1033
11sA refuge for sinners the gospel makes known; (J. Kent)1097
11sConvinced as a sinner, to Jesus I come, (S. Turner or Bennett)1104
11s Irreg.How happy are we our election who see, (Augustus Toplady)68
122ndHow pleased and blest was I, (Isaac Watts)362
122ndHow pleasant is the gate (J. Swain)371
122ndWhat! must the Christian draw (W. Gadsby)522
148thLet earth and heaven combine, (C. Wesley)37
148thBlow ye the trumpet, blow (C. Wesley)59
148thAll the elected train (R. Burnham)60
148thWith David’s Lord and ours, (J. Kent)87
148thCome, raise your thankful voice, (J. Hart)102
148thJoin all the glorious names (Isaac Watts)122
148thRejoice, the Lord is King; (C. Wesley)127
148thWhere must a sinner fly, (J. Berridge)146
148thDear Lord, remember me, ((Author Unknown))214
148thJesus, at thy command (R. De Courcy)294
148thAnd must it, Lord, be so? (J. Hart)307
148thWhat tongue can fully tell (J. Hart)313
148th[By whom was David taught (WIlliam Cowper)338
148thO my distrustful heart, (W. Hammond)339
148thMistaken men may brawl (J. Hart)353
148thSend help, O Lord, we pray, (John Berridge)374
148thCome, every gracious heart, (S. Stennett)403
148thTo Him that chose us first, (Isaac Watts)409
148thJoin, every tongue, to sing (J. Hart)445
148thWhen Jesus undertook (J. Hart)448
148thOn what has now been sown, (John Newton)452
148thOn yonder glorious height, (R. Burnham)494
148thTo God the Father’s throne (Isaac Watts)506
148thThrice happy are the men, (W. Gadsby)526
148thThe ransomed of the Lord (W. Gadsby)532
148thThe work of Christ I sing, (W. Gadsby)537
148thChristians, rejoice, and sing (W. Gadsby)539
148thMy soul, rejoice and sing (W. Gadsby)550
148thThe works of God proclaim (W. Gadsby)559
148thBehold, with wondering eyes, (W. Gadsby)571
148thWhere must a sinner fly, (W. Gadsby)585
148thYe servants of the Lord, (W. Gadsby)586
148thNow for a song of praise, (W. Gadsby)590
148thPeculiar are the saints, (W. Gadsby)598
148thYe sons of God, be wise, (W. Gadsby)599
148th[Jesus the Author is (W. Gadsby)602
148thRejoice, ye saints, rejoice, (W. Gadsby)607
148thYe souls, redeemed with blood, (W. Gadsby)608
148thA helpless worm am I, (W. Gadsby)613
148thThe new man and the old (W. Gadsby)617
148thThe path that Christians tread (W. Gadsby)618
148thThe Lord will feed the poor, (W. Gadsby)629
148thWhat foolish worms are we! (W. Gadsby)630
148thWhen saints together meet (W. Gadsby)634
148thOnce more, dear God of grace, (W. Gadsby)642
148thWith wonder and with love, (W. Gadsby)648
148thWith great and awful power, (W. Gadsby)666
148thHow shall I come to thee, (John Berridge)671
148thJesus, I long for thee, (John Berridge)672
148thWhen Jesus’ gracious hand (John Berridge)673
148thHow sinners vaunt of power (John Berridge)674
148thWithin these walls, dear Lord, (W. Gadsby)696
148thGreat God, to thee we come, (W. Gadsby)700
148thIndulgent God, how kind (J. Kent)732
148thI hear a righteous man, (John Berridge)749
148thOnce more the constant sun, (J. Hart)777
148thAnd now the work is done, (J. Hart)817
148thHow backward is my heart (John Berridge)883
148thWith solemn weekly state (John Berridge)884
148thOur fancy loves to range (John Berridge)885
148thI seek and hope to find (John Berridge)886
148thA thousand snares beset (John Berridge)887
148thNo wit or will of man, (John Berridge)888
148thSay, is thy heart well broke, (John Berridge)889
148thGreat God! to thee I’ll make (B. Beddome)947
148thNot one of Adam’s race (Henry Fowler)1026
148thJesus, we come to meet (S. Barnard)1129
50thThe God of glory sends his summons forth, (Isaac Watts)497
6.4.Come, thou almighty King, (C. Wesley)35
6.4.Glory to God on high! (J. Allen)415
6.4.We bless the triune God – (W. Gadsby)517
7.5.Brethren, would you know your stay, (J. Hart)77
7.5.Zeal extinguished to a spark; (J. Hart)853
7.6.Amidst ten thousand dangers, (Rozzell)292
7.6.O the pangs by Christians felt, (J. Hart)306
7.6.Righteous are the works of God; (J. Hart)315
7.6.Yes, I shall soon be landed (Gospel Mag., 1801)483
7.6.What a precious, needful thing, (W. Gadsby)574
7.6.Brethren, those who come to bliss (J. Hart)717
7.6.Come, my soul, and let us try, (J. Hart)780
7.6.Suffering Saviour, Lamb of God, (J. Hart)827
7.6.7.Mighty enemies without, (J. Hart)795
7.6.7.When we pray, or when we sing, (J. Hart)796
7.6.8.Let the world their virtue boast, (C. Wesley)98
7.6.8.Jesus, let thy pitying eye (C. Wesley)390
7.6.8.Jesus, Friend of sinners, hear (C. Wesley)391
7.6.8.Faith, implanted from above, (J. Hart)779
7.6.8.Come, poor sinners, come away; (J. Hart)787
7.6.8.Bless the Lord, my soul, and raise (J. Hart)801
7.6.8.Hail, thou Bridegroom, bruised to death, (J. Hart)823
7.6.8.Christians, view this solemn scene, (J. Hart)843
7.6.8.Jesus, Lord of life and peace, (J. Hart)854
7.6.8.Father, ere we hence depart, (J. Hart)866
7.7.4.Head of the Church triumphant, (C. Wesley)131
7.7.4.In all our worst afflictions, (J. Hart)235 is the Friend of sinners; (J. Hart)806
7sHark! the herald-angels sing, (C. Wesley)36
7sSovereign Ruler of the skies, (J. Ryland)64
7sBlessèd are the sons of God, (J. Humphreys)80
7sNow begin the heavenly theme; (J. Langford)90
7sBlessed Jesus! thee we sing; (J. Adams)99
7sO the power of love divine! (J. Bradford)116
7sRock of Ages, cleft for me; (Augustus Toplady)143
7sChrist exalted is our song, (J. Kent)145
7sAll in debt or in distress, (J. Berridge)147
7sMuch we talk of Jesus’ blood; (J. Hart)154
7sWhat a doleful voice I hear! (J. Berridge)170
7sSoon as faith the Lord can see, (J. Berridge)177
7sJesus is the chiefest good; (J. Hart)179
7sJesus draws the chosen race (R. Burnham)187
7sJesus, Lord, we look to thee; (C. Wesley)248
7sChildren of the heavenly King, (J. Cennick)267
7sPensive, doubting, fearful heart, (John Newton)273
7sNow I see, whate’er betide, (John Newton)277
7sWill my doubting ne’er be o’er? (W. Hammond)280
7s’Tis my happiness below, (WIlliam Cowper)282
7s’Tis a point I long to know, (John Newton)283
7sWhen shall all my sorrows end? (J. H. Langley)284
7sWell, at length I plainly see, (John Berridge)301
7sJesus, Lover of my soul, (C. Wesley)303
7sChrist is mine, and I am his; (W. Hammond)342
7sLord, how many are my foes! (J. Adams)347
7sDoes the gospel-word proclaim (John Newton)356
7sLord, I cannot let thee go, (John Newton)376
7sCome, my soul, thy suit prepare, (John Newton)379
7sDraw my soul to thee, my Lord; (J. Adams)389
7sIn themselves as weak as worms, (John Newton)397
7sLord, afford a spring to me; (John Newton)400
7sEre we leave thy table, Lord, (John Berridge)442
7sChrist, the Lord, is risen today, (C. Wesley)485
7sJesus, our triumphant Head, (J. Hart)490
7sFor a season called to part, (John Newton)501
7sGlory to the Eternal be, (J. Hart)503
7sHoly Ghost, we look to thee; (W. Gadsby)515
7sAt the birth of Christ our King, (W. Gadsby)518
7sMercy speaks by Jesus’ blood; (W. Gadsby)534
7sJesus is my great High Priest; (W. Gadsby)542
7sJesus is the way to God; (W. Gadsby)543
7sTruly that poor soul is just, (W. Gadsby)545
7sJesus Christ, the sinner’s Friend, (W. Gadsby)551
7sSweet the name of Christ must be, (W. Gadsby)558
7sJesus is the King of kings, (W. Gadsby)562
7sCalled to see God’s righteous law (W. Gadsby)575
7sSaved, and saved alone by grace; (W. Gadsby)576
7sJesus lived, and loved, and died, (W. Gadsby)584
7sO my soul, with wonder tell, (W. Gadsby)594
7sLord, we fain would walk in love, (W. Gadsby)609
7sLord, I freely would confess, (W. Gadsby)611
7sPrecious Jesus! must it be, (W. Gadsby)616
7sCreatures are but vain at best; (W. Gadsby)619
7sWhom the Lord Jehovah loves, (W. Gadsby)623
7sSinners who on Jesus rest, (W. Gadsby)626
7sBlessed Jesus, Lord of all, (W. Gadsby)640
7sDangerous is the path we go, (W. Gadsby)645
7sPrecious Jesus! here we are, (W. Gadsby)649
7sJesus, we thy name adore; (W. Gadsby)650
7sWe adore the Lord the Lamb, (W. Gadsby)654
7sTuned with love divine, we sing, (W. Gadsby)657
7sMighty King, thy power display, (W. Gadsby)658
7sO the matchless love of God! (W. Gadsby)662
7sJesus, cast a look on me; (John Berridge)686
7sBlessed Comforter, appear (W. Gadsby)695
7sSelf-condemnèd and abhorred, (John Berridge)702
7sLord, we lie before thy feet; (J. Hart)704
7sGracious God, thy children keep; (J. Hart)706
7sEndless blessings on the Lamb! (W. Gadsby)720
7sWhat am I, and where am I? (W. Gadsby)722
7sChrist, whose glory fills the skies, (C. Wesley)726
7sGracious Lord, incline thy ear; (W. Hammond)737
7sHe that trusts in his own heart, (John Berridge)742
7sHoly Comforter, descend, (Henry Fowler)754
7sGracious Spirit, Dove divine, (J. Stocker)767
7sJesus, Shepherd of the sheep, (W. Hammond)768
7sCome, ye humble sinner-train, (J. Hart)788
7sO ye sons of men, be wise; (J. Hart)789
7sJesus, while he dwelt below, (J. Hart)802
7sJesus, once for sinners slain, (J. Hart)830
7sJesus Christ, God’s holy Lamb, (J. Hart)857
7sLord, if with thee part I bear; (J. Hart)874
7sAwful is thy threatening, Lord; (John Berridge)895
7sTell me, Saviour, from above, (R. Hill)944
7sChrist has blessings to impart, (John Newton)956
7sBlessed Spirit from above, (Gospel Mag., 1781)963
7sIf to thee I breathe my prayer, (A. Serle)964
7sHark, my soul! it is the Lord; (WIlliam Cowper)968
7sHoly Father, God of love! ((Author Unknown))970
7sNot to Sinai’s dreadful blaze, (John Newton)973
7sHappiness, thou lovely name, (Augustus Toplady)988
7sJesus, now thyself reveal; (R. Burnham)990
7sWhat a vile, deceitful heart, (Henry Fowler)1031
7sDays of darkness and distress (Henry Fowler)1037
7sWater from salvation’s wells, (J. Kent)1044
7s“Who will show us any good?” (T. Kelly)1045
7sLord, if thou thy grace impart, (Madan’s Selection)1058
7sKing of kings, and Lord of lords! (T. Kelly)1062
7sHappy soul, that, free from harms, (C. Wesley)1071
7sDearest Lord, what must I do? (C. Wesley)1077
7sJesus, thou alone canst save, (W. W. Horne)1111
7sLord, dissolve my frozen heart (T. Kelly)1117
7sNow may he who from the dead (John Newton)1138
8.3.Righteousness to the believer, (J. Hart)104
8.3.Perfect holiness of spirit, (J. Hart)484
8.3.Man, bewail thy situation; (J. Hart)799
8.3.Dark is he whose eye’s not single; (J. Hart)800
8.6.8.He that believeth Christ the Lord, (J. Hart)234, ye backsliding sons of God, (J. Hart)806A
8.7.Mourning souls, by sin distressed, (R. Burnham)157
8.7.Sweet the moments, rich in blessing, (J. Allen & W. Shirley)158
8.7.Lamb of God, we fall before thee, (J. Hart)180
8.7.Come, thou Fount of every blessing, (R. Robinson)199
8.7.Let us ask the important question, (J. Hart)237
8.7.Great High Priest, we view thee stooping (J. Hart)237A
8.7.Jesus, Source of our salvation, (R. Burnham)258
8.7.Gird thy loins up, Christian soldier; (J. Hart)270
8.7.Dearest Saviour! we adore thee, (John Newton)272
8.7.Glorious things of thee are spoken, (John Newton)372
8.7.Humble souls, who seek salvation (J. Fawcett)428
8.7.Jesus, mighty King in Zion! (J. Fellows)433
8.7.Sons of God, by blest adoption, (J. Hart)463
8.7.Pleased we read in sacred story, (J. Hart)491
8.7.May the grace of Christ, our Saviour, (John Newton)500
8.7.On the wings of faith uprising, (J. Swain)689
8.7.Lord, direct thy own-sent servant; (W. Gadsby)694
8.7.O thou lovely, loving Saviour, (W. Gadsby)697
8.7.Come, ye Christians, sing the praises (J. Hart)719
8.7.I no more at Mary wonder (C. Batty)741
8.7.Jesus is our God and Saviour, (J. Hart)746
8.7.Jesus heals the broken-hearted; (J. Kent)759
8.7.Let us all, with grateful praises, (J. Hart)776
8.7.O how good our gracious God is! (J. Hart)826
8.7.Holy Ghost, inspire our praises, (J. Hart)864
8.7.’Tis the gospel’s joyful tidings, (J. Kent)913
8.7.Paschal Lamb, by God appointed, (J. Bakewell)931
8.7.Tell us, O our best Beloved, (Gospel Mag., 1781)965
8.7.Jesus, we our cross have taken, (H. F. Lyte)971
8.7.Jesus is a wise Physician, (R. Burnham)976
8.7.Love divine, all love excelling, (C. Wesley)1053
8.7.Come, thou long-expected Jesus! (C. Wesley)1054
8.7.Light of those whose dreary dwelling (C. Wesley)1057
8.7.Jesus, full of all compassion, (D. Turner)1068
8.7.Holy Ghost, dispel our sadness, (Augustus Toplady (from the German))1073
8.7.O what dangers, all distressing, (R. Burnham)1096
8.7.Jesus, lead me by thy power (W. Williams)1101
8.7.“Stricken, smitten, and afflicted,” (T. Kelly)1116
8.7.What is love? My soul would answer, (Zion’s Trumpet, 1838)1118
8.7.Jesus, thou Almighty Saviour, (J. Fawcett)1119
8.7.Saviour, visit thy plantation, (John Newton)1144
8.7.Lord of heaven, and earth, and ocean, (Crosse)1150
8.7.4.Precious Bible! what a treasure (John Newton)43
8.7.4.Sons we are, through God’s election, (Gospel Mag., 1777)69
8.7.4.Hark! the voice of love and mercy (J. Evans)93
8.7.4.Jesus is our great salvation, (J. Adams)205
8.7.4.Jesus, Lover of thy nation; (J. Adams)208
8.7.4.O my soul, what means this sadness? (J. Fawcett)333
8.7.4.Jesus, Shepherd of thy people, (J. Adams)349
8.7.4.Lord, dismiss us with thy blessing; (J. Fawcett)461
8.7.4.Guide me, O thou great Jehovah! (W. Williams)462
8.7.4.Lo! he comes, with clouds descending, (J. Cennick, C. Wesley and M. Madan)493
8.7.4.Lo! he comes, arrayed in vengeance, (J. Swain)495
8.7.4.Day of judgment, day of wonders! (John Newton)496
8.7.4.O what matchless condescension (W. Gadsby)514
8.7.4.O the love of Christ to sinners! (W. Gadsby)535
8.7.4.O thou mighty God and Saviour (W. Gadsby)560
8.7.4.Come, thou now exalted Saviour, (W. Gadsby)563
8.7.4.Jesus is the one thing needful; (W. Gadsby)573
8.7.4.High beyond imagination (W. Gadsby)582
8.7.4.O my soul, admire and wonder; (W. Gadsby)583
8.7.4.Jesus is a mighty Saviour; (W. Gadsby)593
8.7.4.Truth and mercy meet together, (W. Gadsby)600
8.7.4.Precious Jesus! Friend of sinners; (W. Gadsby)610
8.7.4.Sinners, called by grace, and blessèd (W. Gadsby)615
8.7.4.Jesus, mighty God and Saviour, (W. Gadsby)641
8.7.4.Jesus, our exalted Saviour, (W. Gadsby)651
8.7.4.Precious Jesus! we adore thee; (W. Gadsby)656
8.7.4.Pause, my soul! and ask the question, (W. Gadsby)698
8.7.4.Come, ye sinners, poor and wretched, (J. Hart)723
8.7.4.O the happiness arising (J. Irons)735
8.7.4.Lord, we plead with thee for pardon; (T. Kelly)753
8.7.4.Sons of God, in tribulation, (J. Kent)758
8.7.4.All-sufficient is our Jesus, (J. Kent)760
8.7.4.Sovereign grace o’er sin abounding! (J. Kent)766
8.7.4.Jesus, o’er the billows steer me, (Henry Fowler)769
8.7.4.Oft as sins, my soul, assail thee, (J. Kent)916
8.7.4.Blessèd are the poor in spirit, (J. Kent)918
8.7.4.When to worship saints assemble, (J. Kent)920
8.7.4.See, from Zion’s sacred mountain, (T. Kelly)932
8.7.4.Look, ye saints! the sight is glorious! (T. Kelly)972
8.7.4.“It is finished!” Sinners, hear it; (T. Kelly)982
8.7.4.Brethren, let us walk together (T. Kelly)1014
8.7.4.Sinners, in their deep affliction, (Henry Fowler)1038
8.7.4.Come, ye souls, by sin afflicted, (J. Swain)1055
8.7.4.Why those fears? behold, ’tis Jesus (T. Kelly)1102
8.7.4.May the power that brings salvation, (T. Kelly)1133
8.7.4.In thy name O Lord, assembling, (T. Kelly)1135
8.7.4.God of our salvation, hear us; (T. Kelly)1137
8.7.7.One there is, above all others, (John Newton)133
8.7.7.Let us love, and sing, and wonder; (John Newton)416
8.7.7.When we lay in sin polluted, (T. Kelly)1040
8.7.7.Nothing know we of the season (T. Kelly)1063
8.7.7.Saviour! follow with thy blessing (T. Kelly)1136
8.8.6.Descend from heaven, celestial Dove, (J. Hart)29
8.8.6.Our Jesus loves his dear elect; (J. Adams)67
8.8.6.How happy is the little flock, (C. Wesley (last verse unknown))137
8.8.6.For wretched strangers such as I, (J. Berridge)148
8.8.6.There is a Friend, who sticketh fast, (J. Berridge)149
8.8.6.Great God! if thou should’st bring me near, (J. Cennick)163
8.8.6.Abundance of good folk, I find, (J. Berridge)178
8.8.6.Lord, come in thy appointed ways, (J. Stevens)216
8.8.6.Let Zion, in her songs, record (J. Kent)217
8.8.6.Lord, pity outcasts, vile and base, (J. Hart)223
8.8.6.From whence this fear and unbelief? (Augustus Toplady)227
8.8.6.Good hope, through grace, the saints possess, (J. Stevens)242
8.8.6.O love divine, how sweet thou art! (C. Wesley)249
8.8.6.If unto Jesus thou art bound, (John Berridge)302
8.8.6.God thus commanded Jacob’s seed, (J. Hart)358
8.8.6.Hark! how the blood-bought hosts above (J. Kent)406
8.8.6.’Tis not as led by custom’s voice, (Norman)430
8.8.6.Ye saints on earth, your voices raise, (J. Hart)504
8.8.6.How sweet and precious is the name (W. Gadsby)557
8.8.6.Before the earth or seas were made, (W. Gadsby)572
8.8.6.My soul with holy wonder views (W. Gadsby)580
8.8.6.A beggar, vile and base, I come, (W. Gadsby)589
8.8.6.Mighty to save is Christ the Lamb; (W. Gadsby)592
8.8.6.The Sabbath was a day of rest; (W. Gadsby)636
8.8.6.Again, dear Lord, we would be fed; (W. Gadsby)643
8.8.6.When will the happy moment come (W. Gadsby)647
8.8.6.On wings of love the Saviour flies, (John Berridge)690
8.8.6.When the blest day of Pentecost (J. Hart)715
8.8.6.How vast the sufferings, who can tell, (J. Swain)724
8.8.6.When Jesus would his grace proclaim, (John Berridge)745
8.8.6.That day when Christ was crucified, (J. Hart)786
8.8.6.Let him who thirsts for heavenly joys, ((Author Unknown))902
8.8.6.My bosom was designed to be ((Author Unknown))903
8.8.6.O Lord, with shame I do confess (John Berridge)904
8.8.6.My heart by nature is a stone, (John Berridge)905
8.8.6.Cease, O believer, cease to mourn; (J. Kent)917
8.8.6.Thou sinner’s Advocate with God, (C. Wesley)928
8.8.6.When thou, my righteous Judge, shalt come (Lady Huntingdon’s Col., 1774)938
8.8.6.Come, dearest Lord, and melt my heart, (A. Steele)962
8.8.6.O thou that hear’st the prayer of faith, (Augustus Toplady)1103
8.8.6.How watchful is the loving Lord, (John Berridge)1113
8.8.6.Where two or three together meet, (J. Kent)1132
8.8.6.Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove, (S. Browne)1134
8.8.7.When the chosen tribes debated (J. Hart)876
8.8.8.My brethren, why these anxious fears, (J. Hart)807
8sAll glory to mercy we bring, (R. Burnham)12
8sHow willing was Jesus to die, (J. Swain)159
8sWhen on my Beloved I gaze, (J. Swain)162
8s“By covenant transaction and blood,” (J. Kent)183
8sNo prophet, or dreamer of dreams, (J. Hart)220
8sThe sinner that truly believes, (J. Hart)233
8sMy gracious Redeemer I love; (B. Francis)246
8sThough justly of wrongs we complain, (Gospel Mag., 1777)250
8sElijah’s example declares, (John Newton)276
8sEncompassed with clouds of distress, (Augustus Toplady)293
8sThe Canaanites still in the land, (J. Kent)298
8sHow light, while supported by grace, (J. Swain)319
8sBehold, from the desert of sin, (J. Kent)334
8sA debtor to mercy alone, (Augustus Toplady)340
8sA sovereign Protector I have, (Augustus Toplady)346
8sO Jesus, thou fountain of grace, (R. Burnham)380
8sThe gospel’s a message of peace, (R. Burnham)460
8sThe Triune Jehovah we praise, (W. Gadsby)516
8sThe gospel’s the law of the Lamb; (W. Gadsby)523
8sSweet Jesus! how great is thy love; (W. Gadsby)529
8s[By nature can no man be just, (W. Gadsby)544
8sRejoice, and let Christ be thy song, (W. Gadsby)565
8sYe famishing, naked, and poor, (W. Gadsby)566
8sThe Father, in eternal love, (W. Gadsby)569
8sFree grace is the theme of my song; (W. Gadsby)578
8sI’ll speak forth the love of my Lord, (W. Gadsby)581
8sFree grace is the joy of my heart; (W. Gadsby)595
8sJehovah, the Saviour, appears, (W. Gadsby)597
8sPoor sinner, dejected with fear, (W. Gadsby)627
8sMy soul shall with wonder proclaim (W. Gadsby)628
8sWhoever in Jesus believes, (W. Gadsby)632
8sThe body, the church, ever stood (W. Gadsby)635
8sUnited to Jesus, the Vine, (W. Gadsby)670
8sWhat think you of Christ? is the test, (John Newton)1149
C.M.Great God! how infinite art thou! (Isaac Watts)1
C.M.Lord, raise my soul above the ground, (Isaac Watts)2
C.M.Keep silence all created things, (Isaac Watts)4
C.M.The Lord, descending from above, (Isaac Watts)5
C.M.God shall alone the refuge be, (Samuel Medley)7
C.M.God’s mercy is for ever sure; (J. Hart)13
C.M.Begin, my tongue, some heavenly theme, (Isaac Watts)14
C.M.How shall I praise the eternal God, (Isaac Watts & J. Needham)15
C.M.The Father is a holy God; (R. Burnham)16
C.M.Behold the glories of the Lamb, (Isaac Watts)19
C.M.A Man there is, a real Man, (J. Hart)23
C.M.Why should the children of a King (Isaac Watts)24
C.M.Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove, (Isaac Watts)25
C.M.Blest Spirit of truth, eternal God, (J. Hart)28
C.M.The soul that with sincere desires (J. Hart)30
C.M.A form of words, though e’er so sound, (J. Hart)31
C.M.Whatever prompts the soul to pride, (J. Hart)32
C.M.Come, ye redeemèd of the Lord, (J. Hart)39
C.M.Let avarice, from shore to shore (S. Stennett)42
C.M.How can ye hope, deluded souls, (J. Hart)45
C.M.Lord, how secure my conscience was, (Isaac Watts)46
C.M.What wisdom, majesty, and grace (S. Stennett)51
C.M.I’m not ashamed to own my Lord, (Isaac Watts)54
C.M.Come, guilty souls, and flee away (J. Humphreys)55
C.M.[Let every open ear attend, (Isaac Watts)56
C.M.Blest are the souls that hear and know (Isaac Watts)58
C.M.There’s not a sparrow nor a worm (Isaac Watts)63
C.M.Jesus, the Man of constant grief, (Isaac Watts)71
C.M.But few among the carnal wise, (Isaac Watts)74
C.M.’Tis mine, the covenant of his grace, (P. Doddridge)84
C.M.Our God, how firm his promise stands, (Isaac Watts)85
C.M.Arise, my soul, my joyful powers, (Isaac Watts)94
C.M.And did the Holy and the Just, (A. Steele)95
C.M.Jesus, with all thy saints above, (Isaac Watts)100
C.M.Does conscience lay a guilty charge, (J. Berridge)101
C.M.When I by faith my Maker see (J. Hart)105
C.M.How high a privilege ’tis to know (J. Hart)107
C.M.Jehovah is my righteousness; (J. Hart)108
C.M.Awake my heart, arise, my tongue; (Isaac Watts)109
C.M.Vain are the hopes the sons of men (Isaac Watts)111
C.M.Awake, sweet gratitude, and sing (Augustus Toplady)117
C.M.Thou dear Redeemer, dying Lamb, (J. Cennick)118
C.M.Great God! from thee there’s nought concealed, (John Newton)119
C.M.With joy we meditate the grace (Isaac Watts)120
C.M.Jesus, in thee our eyes behold (Isaac Watts)121
C.M.We bless the Prophet of the Lord, (Isaac Watts)124
C.M.I’ll speak the honours of my King. (Isaac Watts)126
C.M.Christ bears the names of all his saints, (John Newton)128
C.M.A Friend there is, your voices join, (J. Swain)132
C.M.How sweet the name of Jesus sounds (John Newton)135
C.M.Dear Refuge of my weary soul, (A. Steele)136
C.M.Jesus, I love thy charming name; (P. Doddridge)138
C.M.My Shepherd will supply my need; (Isaac Watts)139
C.M.Behold the sure foundation stone (Isaac Watts)141
C.M.What slavish fears molest my mind, (J. Hart)151
C.M.If dust and ashes might presume, (J. Hart)156
C.M.There is a fountain filled with blood, (WIlliam Cowper)160
C.M.Christ and his cross is all our theme; (Isaac Watts)165
C.M.I sing my Saviour’s wondrous death; (Isaac Watts)168
C.M.Some wise men of opinions boast, (J. Berridge)169
C.M.Now, dearest Lord, to praise thy name, (Samuel Medley)176
C.M.Believers own they are but blind; (J. Hart)181
C.M.My God, my Portion, and my Love, (Isaac Watts)186
C.M.No strength of nature can suffice (WIlliam Cowper)188
C.M.O let my voice proclaim the joys (Rozzell)189
C.M.Not all the outward forms on earth, (Isaac Watts)190
C.M.O why did Jesus show to me (R. Burnham)191
C.M.As new-born babes desire the breast, (Isaac Watts)192
C.M.“I am,” says Christ, “your glorious Head,” (John Newton)193
C.M.Hail, mighty Jesus! how divine (B. Wallin)194
C.M.Amazing grace! (how sweet the sound!) (John Newton)198
C.M.Now may the Lord reveal his face, (John Newton)202
C.M.How sovereign is the love of God (Gospel Mag., 1777)206
C.M.Father, how wide thy glory shines! (Isaac Watts)207
C.M.Grace, like a fountain, ever flows, (T. Greene)209
C.M.Why does your face, ye humble souls, (Isaac Watts)212
C.M.Salvation! O the joyful sound! (Isaac Watts)213
C.M.Free grace to every heaven-born soul (J. Dracup)215
C.M.Mercy is welcome news indeed (J. Hart)218
C.M.What makes mistaken men afraid (J. Hart)222
C.M.Faith is the brightest evidence (Isaac Watts)226
C.M.Faith owes its birth to sovereign grace, (J. Stevens)228
C.M.Why should my fears so far prevail, (T. Greene)230
C.M.[What various ways do men invent, (J. Hart)240
C.M.Repentance is a gift bestowed (J. Hart)241
C.M.Our Jesus is the God of hope; (R. Burnham)244
C.M.O Lord, I would delight in thee, (J. Ryland)247
C.M.When Jesus, with his mighty love, (J. Hart)251
C.M.Fear is a grace which ever dwells (J. Needham)252
C.M.O Lord, my best desire fulfil, (WIlliam Cowper)259
C.M.And can my heart aspire so high (A. Steele)260
C.M.It is the Lord, enthroned in light, (T. Greene)261
C.M.Hence from my soul, sad thoughts, begone, (Isaac Watts)266
C.M.Now shall my inward joys arise, (Isaac Watts)269
C.M.The Lord will happiness divine (WIlliam Cowper)281
C.M.When the poor prisoner, through a grate, (John Newton)288
C.M.How prone the mind to search for ill, (Rozzell)291
C.M.If but a single moment’s space, (J. Berridge)299
C.M.How simple are thy children, Lord, (J. Berridge)300
C.M.The souls that would to Jesus press, (J. Hart)305
C.M.Lord, when thy Spirit descends to show (J. Hart)310
C.M.God moves in a mysterious way (WIlliam Cowper)320
C.M.For ever blessèd be the Lord, (Isaac Watts)325
C.M.Whence do our mournful thoughts arise? (Isaac Watts)327
C.M.When I can sit at Jesus’ feet, (John Berridge)336
C.M.Lord, hast thou made me know thy ways? (J. Fawcett)341
C.M.For us the dear Redeemer died; (W. Hammond)344
C.M.Thy purchased people, gracious Lamb, (Augustus Toplady)348
C.M.The sinner that, by precious faith, (J. Hart)351
C.M.Firm as the earth thy gospel stands, (Isaac Watts)354
C.M.The God I trust is true and just; (J. Hart)355
C.M.How did my heart rejoice to hear (Isaac Watts)361
C.M.[The Lord in Zion placed his name; (Isaac Watts)366
C.M.Great God! thy glory and thy love (Samuel Medley)367
C.M.Our Jesus freely did appear (John Berridge)375
C.M.A beggar poor, at mercy’s door, (Samuel Medley)378
C.M.Dear Lord! to us assembled here (Samuel Medley)382
C.M.Wherewith shall we approach the Lord, (Samuel Medley)383
C.M.Weary of earth, myself, and sin, (Samuel Medley)386
C.M.Approach, my soul, the mercy-seat, (John Newton)388
C.M.How oft, alas, this wretched heart (A. Steele)392
C.M.A crumb of mercy, Lord, I crave, (J. Fawcett)393
C.M.Dear Shepherd of thy people, here (John Newton)398
C.M.My soul lies cleaving to the dust; (Isaac Watts)402
C.M.Come, saints, and sing in sweet accord, (J. Kent)411
C.M.Let Zion songs of triumph sing; (J. Kent)413
C.M.To our Redeemer’s glorious name, (A. Steele)418
C.M.Hosanna to our conquering King! (Isaac Watts)424
C.M.How great and solemn is the thing, (J. Stevens)426
C.M.Dear Lord! and will thy pardoning love (J. Fellows)429
C.M.How great, how solemn is the work (B. Beddome)434
C.M.This was compassion like a God, (Isaac Watts)438
C.M.How sweet and awful is the place, (Isaac Watts)440
C.M.Once more we come before our God; (J. Hart)455
C.M.Lord, help us on thy word to feed; (J. Hart)459
C.M.O for an overcoming faith, (Isaac Watts)464
C.M.Not from the dust affliction grows, (Isaac Watts)465
C.M.Why do we mourn departed friends, (Isaac Watts)466
C.M.Why should we shrink at Jordan’s flood, (J. Swain)467
C.M.Death is no more a frightful foe; (W. W. Horne)468
C.M.My soul, this curious house of clay, (John Newton)469
C.M.When languor and disease invade (Augustus Toplady)472
C.M.When I can read my title clear, (Isaac Watts)474
C.M.Father, I long, I faint to see (Isaac Watts)475
C.M.O the delights, the heavenly joys, ( Isaac Watts)476
C.M.Give me the wings of faith to rise (Isaac Watts)477
C.M.I love the windows of thy grace, (Isaac Watts)478
C.M.My thoughts surmount these lower skies, (Isaac Watts)479
C.M.See from the dungeon of the dead, (J. Hart)486
C.M.Now for a theme of thankful praise (J. Hart)489
C.M.Time! what an empty vapour ’tis! (Isaac Watts)498
C.M.Glory to God the Father’s name, (Isaac Watts)505
C.M.How oft I grumble and repine, (D. Herbert)507
C.M.Lord, fill thy servant’s soul today (D. Herbert)508
C.M.Come, come, my soul, with boldness come, (D. Herbert)509
C.M.O Lord, rebuke me not in wrath; (D. Herbert)510
C.M.In all my troubles and distress, (J. Franklin)511
C.M.Thy church, O Lord, that’s planted here, (J. Franklin)512
C.M.What a divine harmonious sound (W. Gadsby)527
C.M.The gospel is good news indeed, (W. Gadsby)528
C.M.Election is a truth divine, (W. Gadsby)530
C.M.How condescending and how wise (W. Gadsby)533
C.M.When foes within, and foes without, (W. Gadsby)547
C.M.The Lord’s my Helper and Support, (W. Gadsby)552
C.M.The Breaker is gone forth in love, (W. Gadsby)553
C.M.Though we walk through this wilderness (W. Gadsby)554
C.M.Jesus our heavenly Warrior is, (W. Gadsby)561
C.M.Dear Lord, forbid that we should boast, (W. Gadsby)564
C.M.Jesus, the Lord, my Saviour is, (W. Gadsby)567
C.M.The Lord on high his love proclaims, (W. Gadsby)570
C.M.Salvation! O my soul, rejoice; (W. Gadsby)579
C.M.A limping beggar, clothed in rags; (W. Gadsby)588
C.M.God is a Spirit, just and wise; (W. Gadsby)596
C.M.Why should a pilgrim grope within, (W. Gadsby)604
C.M.The Lord himself be with you all, (W. Gadsby)631
C.M.Jesus, thou art our only rest (W. Gadsby)637
C.M.With sin and guilt poor Zion toils, (W. Gadsby)638
C.M.Great God! whose universal power (W. Gadsby)646
C.M.With wondering eyes, Lord, we admire (W. Gadsby)660
C.M.Once more, like children, we are come, (W. Gadsby)661
C.M.What solemn tidings reach our ears! (W. Gadsby)664
C.M.Come boldly to a throne of grace, (D. Herbert)675
C.M.O could I lift this heart of mine (D. Herbert)676
C.M.Behold, dear Lord, we come again, (D. Herbert)677
C.M.There’s not a man that’s born of God, (D. Herbert)678
C.M.Come, thou Almighty Comforter, (D. Herbert)679
C.M.Before all worlds, the glorious plan, (D. Herbert)680
C.M.Of cistern waters art thou sick, (John Berridge)684
C.M.When Noah, with his favoured few, (J. Hart)685
C.M.All outward means, till God appears, (John Newton)691
C.M.As when a child, secure of harms, (J. Hart)708
C.M.The Lord that made both heaven and earth, (J. Hart)709
C.M.Why so cast down, dejected soul? (John Berridge)714
C.M.O that I knew the secret place (Isaac Watts)727
C.M.All hail the power of Jesus’ name, (E. Perronet)730
C.M.Heal us, Immanuel, here we are, (WIlliam Cowper)731
C.M.Lord, who can hear of all thy woe, (J. Hart)734
C.M.My business lies at Jesus’ gate, (John Berridge)743
C.M.How hard and rugged is the way (J. Hart)747
C.M.Come, ye that know and fear the Lord, (G. Burder)750
C.M.Exceeding precious is my Lord; (John Berridge)756
C.M.Great God, how deep thy counsels lie: (J. Kent)757
C.M.Alas! and did my Saviour bleed? (Isaac Watts)763
C.M.How sad our state by nature is; (Isaac Watts)764
C.M.And does thy heart for Jesus pine, (John Berridge)765
C.M.Christ is the Keeper of his saints, (R. Burnham)772
C.M.If unbelief’s that sin accursed, (J. Hart)773
C.M.The Holy Ghost in Scripture saith (J. Hart)774
C.M.The Lord assured the chosen race, (J. Hart)782
C.M.Oh what a narrow, narrow path (J. Hart)783
C.M.Oh! what a sad and doleful night (J. Hart)785
C.M.The things on earth which men esteem, (J. Hart)803
C.M.And did the darling Son of God (J. Hart)803A
C.M.Of all the creatures God has made, (J. Hart)805
C.M.Lord, look on all assembled here, (J. Hart)808
C.M.Is, then, the law of God untrue, (J. Hart)809
C.M.Whene’er I make some sudden stop – (J. Hart)812
C.M.When is it Christians all agree, (J. Hart)816
C.M.The King of heaven a feast has made, (J. Hart)818
C.M.Father of heaven, almighty King, (J. Hart)821
C.M.The blest memorials of thy grief, (J. Hart)822
C.M.The tender mercies of the Lord (J. Hart)828
C.M.That doleful night before his death, (J. Hart)829
C.M.While heavenly hosts their anthems sing, (J. Hart)834
C.M.The praise of Christ, ye Christians, sound; (J. Hart)845
C.M.Ye souls that trust in Christ, rejoice; (J. Hart)850
C.M.When filthy passions or unjust (J. Hart)851
C.M.God is a high and holy God, (J. Hart)855
C.M.We sing thy praise, exalted Lamb, (J. Hart)856
C.M.From poisonous errors, pleasing cheats, (J. Hart)860
C.M.Poor sinner, come, cast off thy fear, (J. Hart)861
C.M.Father of heaven, we thee address; (J. Hart)862
C.M.O praise the Lord, ye heavenly hosts! (J. Hart)867
C.M.We laud thy name, almighty Lord, (J. Hart)870
C.M.Happy the man that bears the stroke (J. Hart)871
C.M.Art thou by sin a captive led? (John Berridge)892
C.M.If guilt pursue thee with its cry, (John Berridge)893
C.M.The Saviour empties whom he fills, (John Berridge)894
C.M.Beneath the sacred throne of God (J. Kent)914
C.M.’Twas in the night, when troubles came, (J. Kent)923
C.M.While others live in mirth and ease, (W. Hammond)929
C.M.As round the pool, Bethesda named, (J. Kent)930
C.M.Joy is a fruit that will not grow (John Newton)933
C.M.Jerusalem, my happy home! (Bromehead’s Collection)934
C.M.Through all the changing scenes of life, (N.Tate & N.Brady)936
C.M.Jesus, immutably the same, (Augustus Toplady)939
C.M.Compared with Christ, in all beside (Augustus Toplady)940
C.M.How is our nature marred by sin! (Isaac Watts)946
C.M.What object’s this which meets my eyes (W. Batty)950
C.M.Hark! from the cross a gracious voice (J. Swain)951
C.M.Alas! the Lord my life is gone, (J. Hoskins)953
C.M.O for a closer walk with God, (WIlliam Cowper)958
C.M.For mercies countless as the sands, (John Newton)959
C.M.Happy are they to whom the Lord (John Newton)966
C.M.He comes; the Saviour full of grace, (T. Kelly)975
C.M.Ho, poor distressèd, thirsty soul, (D. Herbert)986
C.M.O what amazing words of grace (Samuel Medley)987
C.M.Ye captive souls, in fetters bound, (Spiritual Mag., 1790)989
C.M.Lord, while I wander here below (R. Burnham)997
C.M.When any turn from Zion’s way, (John Newton)999
C.M.Prayer is the soul’s sincere desire, (J. Montgomery)1002
C.M.O that the Lord would guide my ways (Isaac Watts)1003
C.M.Come, let us join our cheerful songs (Isaac Watts)1005
C.M.Lord, I approach thy throne of grace, ((Author Unknown))1009
C.M.Father, whate’er of earthly bliss (A. Steele)1010
C.M.My God, the spring of all my joys, (Isaac Watts)1011
C.M.There is a family on earth, (T. Kelly)1013
C.M.The castle of the human heart, (John Newton)1020
C.M.There is a land of pure delight, (Isaac Watts)1022
C.M.O for a heart to praise the Lord, (C. Wesley)1024
C.M.In evil long I took delight, (John Newton)1025
C.M.What a polluted world this is, (Henry Fowler)1027
C.M.Lord, what a wretched, wretched heart, (Henry Fowler)1030
C.M.Lord, we adore thy boundless grace, (A. Steele)1039
C.M.“By whom shall Jacob now arise?” (T. Kelly)1047
C.M.Alas, what hourly dangers rise! (A. Steele)1051
C.M.Lord, I believe a rest remains (C. Wesley)1061
C.M.How vain are all things here below; (Isaac Watts)1064
C.M.O thou from whom all goodness flows, (T. Haweis)1065
C.M.Do not I love thee, dearest Lord? (P. Doddridge)1066
C.M.See, Lord, before thy throne of grace (A. Steele)1069
C.M.Jesus, Redeemer, Saviour, Lord, (C. Wesley & Augustus Toplady)1072
C.M.Eternal Source of joys divine, (A. Steele)1079
C.M.How sweet, how heavenly is the sight, (J. Swain)1082
C.M.My God, my Father, blissful name! (A. Steele)1083
C.M.Peace, my complaining, doubting heart, (A. Steele)1086
C.M.Shepherd divine, our wants relieve (C. Wesley)1088
C.M.Sold under sin, was Paul’s complaint; (J. Kent)1089
C.M.Till God the sinner’s mind illume, (J. Kent)1092
C.M.How welcome to the tempest-tossed, (J. Kent)1093
C.M.Ye souls redeemed by Jesus’ blood, (J. Kent)1094
C.M.Dearest of all the names above, (Isaac Watts)1095
C.M.O God of mercy, hear my call; (Isaac Watts)1098
C.M.Jesus, omnipotent to save, (J. Hupton)1099
C.M.Let worldly minds the world pursue, (John Newton)1100
C.M.Breathe from the gentle south, O Lord, (John Newton)1108
C.M.My times of sorrow and of joy, (B. Beddome)1110
C.M.Now, gracious Lord, thy arm reveal, (John Newton)1114
C.M.This is the feast of heavenly wine, (WIlliam Cowper)1122
C.M.The manna, favoured Israel’s meat, (John Newton)1126
C.M.Eternal Father, Lord of all, (John Berridge)1128
C.M.O God, our Help in ages past, (Isaac Watts)1139
C.M.See, gracious God, before thy throne (A. Steele)1143
C.M.When Abram full of sacred awe, (E. Scott)1145
C.M.Help, Lord, for men of virtue fail; (Isaac Watts)1146
C.M.Let all the heathen writers join (Isaac Watts)1148
C.M.Great sovereign Lord, what human eye (Boyce)1151
C.M.Fountain of mercy, God of love, (A. Flowerdew)1152
C.M.Great God of order, truth, and grace, (R. Burnham)1153
C.M.Great Head of influence divine, (D. Denham)1154
C.M.In vain the fancy strives to paint (John Newton)1155
C.M.What sacred Fountain yonder springs (J. Irons)1156
L.M.God is my everlasting King; (R. Burnham)3
L.M.God’s ways are just, his counsels wise; (B. Beddome)6
L.M.Great God! my Maker and my King, (B. Beddome)8
L.M.Awake, my soul, in joyful lays, (Samuel Medley)9
L.M.’Twas with an everlasting love (J. Kent)10
L.M.O Love, beyond conception great, (W. Tucker)17
L.M.Now to the Lord a noble song! (Isaac Watts)18
L.M.Ere the blue heavens were stretched abroad, (Isaac Watts)20
L.M.The wondering world inquires to know (Isaac Watts)21
L.M.When mourners stand and hear me tell (Isaac Watts)22
L.M.Eternal Spirit, we confess (Isaac Watts)26
L.M.Blest be the Father and his love, (Isaac Watts)33
L.M.To comprehend the great THREE-ONE, (J. Hart)34
L.M.Here, Lord, my soul convicted stands (J. Maxwell)44
L.M.[Cursed be the man, for ever cursed, (Isaac Watts)47
L.M.What curses does the law denounce (Isaac Watts)48
L.M.The law demands a weighty debt, (J. Berridge)49
L.M.This is the word of truth and love, (Isaac Watts)53
L.M.What shall the dying sinner do, (Isaac Watts)57
L.M.’Twas fixed in God’s eternal mind (R. Burnham)61
L.M.Space and duration God does fill, (W. A. Clarke)62
L.M.Expand, my soul, arise and sing (W. Tucker)65
L.M.Deep in the everlasting mind (W. Tucker)66
L.M.Who shall the Lord’s elect condemn? (Isaac Watts)72
L.M.Jesus, we bless thy Father’s name; (Isaac Watts)73
L.M.Behold the potter and the clay; (Isaac Watts)75
L.M.There is a period known to God (J. Kent)76
L.M.Fixed was the eternal state of man, (W. Tucker)78
L.M.Rejoice, ye saints, in every state, (B. Wallin)82
L.M.How oft have sin and Satan strove (Isaac Watts)83
L.M.O the mysterious depths of grace! (J. Kent)87A
L.M.How wondrous are the works of God, (J. Hart)88
L.M.Poor, weak, and worthless though I am, (John Newton)91
L.M.Who is this fair one in distress, (Isaac Watts)92
L.M.’Tis finished! the Messiah dies! (C. Wesley)97
L.M.Jesus, thy blood and righteousness (Count Zinzendorf trans. by J. Wesley)103
L.M.Thus saith the Lord to those that stand (J. Hart)106
L.M.No more, my God, I boast no more (Isaac Watts)112
L.M.Who but the soul that’s led to know (J. Kent)113
L.M.[Imputed righteousness is strange, (J. Berridge)115
L.M.Blood has a voice to pierce the skies: (Isaac Watts)123
L.M.Hail, sovereign love, that first began (J. Brewer)134
L.M.Go worship at Immanuel’s feet; (Isaac Watts)142
L.M.Jesus, my All, to heaven is gone, (J. Cennick)144
L.M.Come, all ye chosen saints of God, (J. Hart)153
L.M.And why, dear Saviour, tell me why, (J. Hart)153A
L.M.Deep in our hearts let us record (Isaac Watts)164
L.M.Here at thy cross, my dying God, (Isaac Watts)166
L.M.Join, all who love the Saviour’s name, (Samuel Medley)171
L.M.Jehovah’s awful name revere, (Samuel Medley)172
L.M.Jesus, before thy face I fall, (Samuel Medley)173
L.M.Jesus is precious, says the word; (Samuel Medley)174
L.M.Christ is my All, my sure Defence, (J. Adams)175
L.M.Assist my soul, my heavenly King, (Samuel Medley)195
L.M.Ah! but for free and sovereign grace, (H. Paice, 1798)200
L.M.Self-righteous souls on works rely, (A. C. R., 1790)204
L.M.Now to the power of God supreme (Isaac Watts)211
L.M.Grace is Jehovah’s sovereign will, (J. Stevens)224
L.M.’Tis by the faith of joys to come (Isaac Watts)231
L.M.With melting heart and weeping eyes, (J. Fawcett)238
L.M.We travel through a barren land, (Gospel Mag., 1799)245
L.M.Happy the men that fear the Lord; (J. Hart)255
L.M.In vain men talk of living faith, (J. Hart)256
L.M.Ye humble souls, complain no more; (A. Steele)257
L.M.Jesus, the glorious Head of grace, (Samuel Medley)263
L.M.Far from my thoughts, vain world, begone; (Isaac Watts)264
L.M.Lord, what a heaven of saving grace (Isaac Watts)265
L.M.My Captain sounds the alarm of war – (S. Stennett)271
L.M.Let me, thou sovereign Lord of all, (Samuel Medley)275
L.M.How shall I pour out my complaint, (W. Hammond)279
L.M.O for a heart to seek my God, (W. W. Horne)285
L.M.Pilgrims we are, to Canaan bound; (J. Swain)286
L.M.Thus far my God has led me on, (J. Fawcett)289
L.M.Dangers of every shape and name (WIlliam Cowper)290
L.M.I asked the Lord that I might grow (John Newton)295
L.M.The wandering star and fleeting wind (B. Beddome)296
L.M.Lord, what a riddle is my soul! (J. Hart)304
L.M.O for a glance of heavenly day, (J. Hart)316
L.M.From heaven the sinning angels fell, (Isaac Watts)317
L.M.When darkness long has veiled my mind, (WIlliam Cowper)323
L.M.Let me but hear my Saviour say, (Isaac Watts)326
L.M.Afflicted saint, to Christ draw near, (J. Fawcett)328
L.M.Beset with snares on every hand, (P. Doddridge)331
L.M.Now let the feeble all be strong, (P. Doddridge)332
L.M.The moon and stars shall lose their light, (J. Hart)352
L.M.God in his earthly temples lays (Isaac Watts)360
L.M.We are a garden walled around, (Isaac Watts)363
L.M.Happy the church, thou sacred place; (Isaac Watts)364
L.M.Where shall we go to seek and find (Isaac Watts)365
L.M.O Lord, descend and fill this place (P. Doddridge)368
L.M.How pleasant, how divinely fair, (Isaac Watts)369
L.M.Great God! attend, while Zion sings (Isaac Watts)370
L.M.With heavenly power, O Lord, defend (R. Hill)373
L.M.My soul, take courage from the Lord; (Samuel Medley)377
L.M.Thy mansion is the Christian’s heart, (WIlliam Cowper)381
L.M.Regard, great God! my mournful prayer; (Samuel Medley)384
L.M.Hear, gracious God, a sinner’s cry, (Samuel Medley)385
L.M.How sweet to wait upon the Lord, (J. Swain)387
L.M.What various hindrances we meet, (WIlliam Cowper)394
L.M.Amidst ten thousand anxious cares, (W. Tucker)399
L.M.How long, O Lord, shall I complain (Isaac Watts)401
L.M.’Twixt Jesus and the chosen race, (J. Kent)405
L.M.Dear Lord! my panting soul inflame, (J. Kent (last 3 verses))407
L.M.O for a heart prepared to sing, (Samuel Medley)410
L.M.Just are thy ways and true thy word, (Isaac Watts)419
L.M.Who can describe the joys that rise (Isaac Watts)422
L.M.Jesus, and shall it ever be, (J. Grigg and B. Francis (last verse))427
L.M.Come, ye beloved of the Lord, (B. Beddome)431
L.M.Do we not know that solemn word, (Isaac Watts)432
L.M.The Lord of life this table spread, (Isaac Watts)435
L.M.When I survey the wondrous cross (Isaac Watts)439
L.M.So fair a face bedewed with tears; (B. Beddome)441
L.M.Pity a helpless sinner, Lord, (J. Hart)447
L.M.O bless thy servant, dearest Lord, (R. Burnham)450
L.M.May this be a much-favoured hour (John Newton)451
L.M.[“Where two or three, with sweet accord, (S. Stennett)453
L.M.Dismiss us with thy blessing, Lord, (J. Hart)457
L.M.Death and the grave are doleful themes, (Samuel Medley)470
L.M.Lord, I am thine, but thou wilt prove (Isaac Watts)473
L.M.Up to the fields where angels lie, (Isaac Watts)480
L.M.Descend from heaven, immortal Dove, (Isaac Watts)481
L.M.In heaven my choicest treasure lies, (Gospel Mag., 1796)482
L.M.Uprising from the darksome tomb, (J. Hart)488
L.M.Ye Christians, hear the joyful news, (J. Hart)492
L.M.Praise God, from whom all blessings flow; (T. Ken)506A
L.M.In mounts of danger and of straits, (J. Franklin)513
L.M.What joyful news the gospel is, (W. Gadsby)525
L.M.Beloved of the Lord most high, (W. Gadsby)531
L.M.Behold a scene of matchless grace, (W. Gadsby)536
L.M.By nature, none of Adam’s race (W. Gadsby)538
L.M.Sin has a thousand pleasing charms, (W. Gadsby)620
L.M.The carnal mind takes different ways, (W. Gadsby)621
L.M.Poor fearful saint, be not dismayed, (W. Gadsby)622
L.M.God is a Father, just and wise, (W. Gadsby)625
L.M.The love of Christ is rich and free; (W. Gadsby)633
L.M.Jesus, the Lord, enthroned on high, (W. Gadsby)655
L.M.Blessèd are they whose guilt is gone, (J. Hart)681
L.M.Ye that pass by, behold the Man! (C. Wesley)688
L.M.If Solomon for wisdom prayed, (John Newton)692
L.M.When pining sickness wastes the frame, (J. Hart)707
L.M.Amidst the sorrows of the way, (D. Herbert)711
L.M.Come hither, ye that fain would know (J. Hart)712
L.M.Dear dying Friend, we look on thee, (John Berridge)716
L.M.Buried in baptism with our Lord, (J. Hart)718
L.M.To him that loved us, ere we lay (J. Swain)721
L.M.Show me some token, Lord, for good, (C. Cole)736
L.M.Jesus, how heavenly is the place, (J. Swain)738
L.M.Lord, when I hear thy children talk, (J. Hart)740
L.M.In darkness born, I went astray, (John Berridge)748
L.M.The Saviour lives no more to die! (Samuel Medley)751
L.M.Nature with open volume stands, (Isaac Watts)752
L.M.Forgiveness! ’tis a joyful sound (T. Gibbons)755
L.M.Show pity, Lord; O Lord, forgive; (Isaac Watts)761
L.M.How soft the words my Saviour speaks, (S. Stennett)762
L.M.To know my Jesus crucified, (R. Burnham)771
L.M.When, deaf to every warning given, (J. Hart)791
L.M.When Aaron, in the holiest place, (J. Hart)794
L.M.Now, from the garden to the cross, (J. Hart)797
L.M.To you who stand in Christ so fast, (J. Hart)810
L.M.Jesus, when on the bloody tree (J. Hart)815
L.M.O that our flinty hearts could melt, (J. Hart)824
L.M.Believer, lift thy drooping head; (J. Hart)836
L.M.Repent, awakened souls, repent; (J. Hart)837
L.M.Lord, hear a restless wretch’s groans; (J. Hart)838
L.M.Fountain of life, who gavest us breath, (J. Hart)844
L.M.Backsliding souls, return to God; (J. Hart)858
L.M.To the great Godhead, Father, Son, (J. Hart)868
L.M.To thee, my God, I make my plaint; (J. Hart)873
L.M.Jesus, to thee I make my moan; (J. Hart)875
L.M.Prayer was appointed to convey (J. Hart)882
L.M.A fountain! cries the man of God, (John Berridge)896
L.M.Ye poor afflicted souls, give ear, (John Berridge)897
L.M.Saved is the sinner that believes, (J. Kent)908
L.M.O that my soul, as heretofore, (J. Kent)910
L.M.When saint to saint, in days of old, (J. Kent)911
L.M.Why, O my soul, art thou dismayed? (J. Kent)915
L.M.We sing the praise of him who died, (T. Kelly)919
L.M.Great Rock, for weary sinners made, (J. Kent)924
L.M.Peace by his cross has Jesus made; (J. Kent)925
L.M.When overwhelmed with doubts and fear, (J. Kent)926
L.M.Thou only Sovereign of my heart, (A. Steele)927
L.M.Let everlasting glories crown (Isaac Watts)935
L.M.Shall the believer dare to sin, ((Author Unknown))937
L.M.Jesus, my Lord, my Life, my All, (Samuel Medley)941
L.M.O God of grace, of love immense, (Gospel Mag., 1777)942
L.M.The God of grace delights to hear (W. W. Horne)943
L.M.Saviour of sinners, deign to shine (J. Hoskins)945
L.M.There’s not a name beneath the skies, (T. Kelly)949
L.M.Belovèd Saviour, faithful Friend, (J. Allen)952
L.M.Save me, O God, my spirit cries, (Henry Fowler)954
L.M.Why sinks my weak, desponding mind? (A. Steele)957
L.M.By faith in Christ I walk with God, (John Newton)960
L.M.Be still, my heart! these anxious cares (John Newton)961
L.M.God of my life, to thee I call; (WIlliam Cowper)967
L.M.My song shall bless the Lord of all; (WIlliam Cowper)969
L.M.While contests rend the Christian church, (T. Kelly)974
L.M.Deep are the wounds which sin has made; (A. Steele)977
L.M.How blessed are they who truly see (Samuel Medley)978
L.M.Jesus those happy souls does bless, (Samuel Medley)979
L.M.When sins and fears prevailing rise, (A. Steele)980
L.M.Why should I yield to slavish fears? (Dobell’s Selection)981
L.M.Hark! how the gospel trumpet sounds! (C. Cole)984
L.M.Emptied of earth I fain would be, (Augustus Toplady)991
L.M.“Poor and afflicted,” Lord, are thine, (T. Kelly)992
L.M.While the dear saints of God below (Samuel Medley)996
L.M.How welcome to the saints, when pressed (John Newton)1001
L.M.Lord, I am vile, conceived in sin, (Isaac Watts)1004
L.M.Buried in shadows of the night, (Isaac Watts)1006
L.M.Stand up, my soul, shake off thy fears, (Isaac Watts)1007
L.M.Come, Holy Spirit, calm my mind, (Lock Chapel Collection)1008
L.M.God of my life, thy gracious power (C. Wesley)1016
L.M.The peace of which I had a taste (John Newton)1017
L.M.At anchor laid, remote from home, (Augustus Toplady)1018
L.M.O that my load of sin were gone! (C. Wesley)1019
L.M.O Zion, when I think on thee, (T. Kelly)1021
L.M.Jesus, where’er thy people meet, (WIlliam Cowper)1023
L.M.Come hither, ye by sin distressed, (Henry Fowler)1028
L.M.Jesus, my soul’s athirst for thee; (Henry Fowler)1034
L.M.Seek ye my face, the Saviour cries; (Henry Fowler)1036
L.M.O where is now that glowing love (T. Kelly)1041
L.M.I need not blush to own that he, (T. Kelly)1042
L.M.Deal gently with thy servant, Lord, (T. Kelly)1043
L.M.My harp on yonder willow lies, (T. Kelly)1046
L.M.“We’ve no abiding city here;” (T. Kelly)1048
L.M.The Christian navigates a sea (T. Kelly)1049
L.M.See a poor sinner, dearest Lord, (Samuel Medley)1056
L.M.When, gracious Lord, when shall it be (C. Wesley)1074
L.M.Jesus, in whom the Godhead’s rays (C. Wesley)1076
L.M.Dear Lord, and shall thy Spirit rest (A. Steele)1078
L.M.To Jesus, our victorious Lord, (A. Steele)1080
L.M.Sad prisoners in a house of clay, (A. Steele)1081
L.M.Ah, wretched, vile, ungrateful heart, (A. Steele)1084
L.M.Hence, vain, intruding world, depart; (A. Steele)1085
L.M.Was it for sin, for mortal guilt, (A. Steele)1087
L.M.Prisoners of hope, to Jesus turn; (J. Kent)1090
L.M.How welcome to the soul oppressed, (J. Kent)1091
L.M.Jesus, engrave it on my heart, (Samuel Medley)1105
L.M.My hope is built on nothing less (E. Mote)1106
L.M.When some sweet promise warms our heart, (J. Swain)1107
L.M.Come, weary souls, with sin distressed, (A. Steele)1109
L.M.Blest are the humble souls that see (Isaac Watts)1112
L.M.Upheld by thy supporting hand, (John Newton)1115
L.M.’Twas on that dark and doleful night, (Isaac Watts)1121
L.M.Stretched on the cross, the Saviour dies; (A. Steele)1123
L.M.I fain would love the day of rest, (T. Kelly)1124
L.M.How sweet to leave the world awhile, (T. Kelly)1125
L.M.When Zion’s sons, great God! appear (J. Kent)1127
L.M.O thou, at whose almighty word (John Newton (altered))1130
L.M.We have thy promise, gracious Lord, (S. Turner)1131
L.M.Great Shepherd of thine Israel, (Isaac Watts)1140
L.M.God is the refuge of his saints (Isaac Watts)1141
L.M.O may the power which melts the rock (John Newton)1142
L.M.The heavens declare thy glory, Lord, (Isaac Watts)1147
P.M.Brethren, why toil ye thus for toys, (J. Hart)814
S.M.Come, Holy Spirit, come; (J. Hart)27
S.M.Behold! the grace appears, (Isaac Watts)38
S.M.The law by Moses came, (Isaac Watts)50
S.M.Thrice comfortable hope (C. Wesley)70
S.M.Behold what wondrous grace (Isaac Watts)79
S.M.Well, canst thou read thy heart, (J. Berridge)81
S.M.The covenant of free grace, (Gospel Mag., 1778)86
S.M.The Lord on high proclaims (Isaac Watts)110
S.M.The sons of earth delight (J. Berridge)114
S.M.Not all the blood of beasts (Isaac Watts)125
S.M.Christ is the eternal Rock, (J. Hart)130
S.M.When, overwhelmed with grief, (Isaac Watts)140
S.M.“I am,” says Christ, “the Way”; (J. Hart)152
S.M.Come, all harmonious tongues, (Isaac Watts)167
S.M.My God, my Life, my Love, (Isaac Watts)185
S.M.O Lord, how vile am I, (John Newton)196
S.M.Grace! ’tis a charming sound, (P. Doddridge)201
S.M.Free grace! melodious sound! (R. Burnham)203
S.M.Shall we go on to sin, (Isaac Watts)210
S.M.Now for a wondrous song, (J. Hart)219
S.M.Faith! ’tis a precious grace, (B. Beddome)225
S.M.Faith’s a convincing proof, (J. Hart)236
S.M.To Canaan art thou bound? (J. Berridge)253
S.M.If Jesus kindly say, (J. Berridge)268
S.M.The Lord in Zion reigns, (J. Adams)274
S.M.I know the Lord is nigh, (John Newton)278
S.M.Innumerable foes, (J. Hart)287
S.M.Wide is the gate of death; (J. Hart)308
S.M.If this be, Lord, thy way, (J. Hart)308A
S.M.Whoe’er believes aright (J. Hart)311
S.M.Ye tempted souls, reflect (J. Hart)312
S.M.How sore a plague is sin, (J. Hart)314
S.M.God of eternal love, (Isaac Watts)318
S.M.Your harps, ye trembling saints, (Augustus Toplady)330
S.M.Poor angry bosom, hush, (John Berridge)335
S.M.From Egypt lately freed, (John Newton)337
S.M.My soul, with joy attend, (P. Doddridge)345
S.M.Welcome, sweet day of rest, (Isaac Watts)357
S.M.How charming is the place, (S. Stennett)359
S.M.Behold the throne of grace! (John Newton)395
S.M.What cheering words are these; (J. Kent)412
S.M.O bless the Lord, my soul! (Isaac Watts)420
S.M.To God the only wise, (Isaac Watts)421
S.M.Not with our mortal eyes (Isaac Watts)423
S.M.With pleasure we behold (J. Stevens)425
S.M.The table now is spread; (John Berridge)436
S.M.Jesus invites his saints (Isaac Watts)437
S.M.Defiled I am indeed; (John Berridge)444
S.M.When through the desert vast (J. Hart)446
S.M.Once more before we part, (J. Hart)458
S.M.Prepare me, gracious God, (R. Elliott)471
S.M.Christians, dismiss your fear; (J. Hart)487
S.M.Great God! before thy throne (Samuel Medley)499
S.M.With all the heavenly host, (J. Hart)502
S.M.[When Ruth a-gleaning went, (W. Gadsby)519
S.M.Jesus, the Lord, is King, (W. Gadsby)540
S.M.The Lord is Zion’s King; (W. Gadsby)541
S.M.Jehovah is my Sun; (W. Gadsby)546
S.M.When God proclaims his name, (W. Gadsby)555
S.M.The Lord proclaims his name; (W. Gadsby)556
S.M.Come, whosoever will, (W. Gadsby)587
S.M.What, then! shall Christians sin, (W. Gadsby)601
S.M.Faith! ’tis a grace divine, (W. Gadsby)603
S.M.The just by faith shall live, (W. Gadsby)605
S.M.Let saints lift up their hearts, (W. Gadsby)606
S.M.The Lord the righteous tries; (W. Gadsby)614
S.M.The Lord Jehovah is (W. Gadsby)624
S.M.Jesus, our Lord and King, (W. Gadsby)652
S.M.Of one Lord will we sing, (W. Gadsby)653
S.M.The Lord my Saviour is; (W. Gadsby)659
S.M.Beloved, we are come (W. Gadsby)663
S.M.Grace taught our friends to know (W. Gadsby)665
S.M.While Jesus whispers peace, (W. Gadsby)682
S.M.Great God! thy kingdom come, (W. Gadsby)683
S.M.When faith to Sinai looks, (W. Gadsby)713
S.M.The sinner born of God, (W. Gadsby)725
S.M.Beside the gospel-pool (John Newton)729
S.M.Astonished and distressed, (B. Beddome)733
S.M.No help in self I find, (John Berridge)739
S.M.The God that rules on high, (Isaac Watts)770
S.M.My God, when I reflect (J. Hart)775
S.M.Faith in the bleeding Lamb, (J. Hart)792
S.M.Though void of all that’s good, (J. Hart)811
S.M.Glory to God on high! (J. Hart)820
S.M.Lord, send thy Spirit down (J. Hart)825
S.M.The God that first us chose, (J. Hart)831
S.M.The men that fear the Lord, (J. Hart)832
S.M.Thy mercy, Lord, we praise; (J. Hart)833
S.M.The spirits of the just, (J. Hart)842
S.M.Behold! with awful pomp (J. Hart)847
S.M.Vain man, to boast forbear, (J. Hart)852
S.M.By what amazing ways (J. Hart)863
S.M.Gold in the furnace tried (J. Hart)872
S.M.Say, Christian, would’st thou thrive (J. Hart)878
S.M.Remember, man, thy birth; (J. Hart)880
S.M.A wondrous wine there is, (John Berridge)890
S.M.That image-chamber foul (John Berridge)891
S.M.Why, drooping saint, dismayed? (J. Kent)909
S.M.In union with the Lamb, (J. Kent)921
S.M.The conquest Jesus won (J. Kent)922
S.M.What is this world to me? (Matlock’s Selection)948
S.M.Spirit of truth, come down, (C. Wesley)983
S.M.From sin’s dark thorny maze, (J. Kent)994
S.M.From Egypt lately come, (T. Kelly)995
S.M.“Himself he cannot save.” (T. Kelly)1012
S.M.My soul, repeat his praise, (Isaac Watts)1015
S.M.Come, Saviour, quickly come, (Henry Fowler)1029
S.M.“How shall I give thee up?” (Henry Fowler)1032
S.M.Return, my wandering heart, (Henry Fowler)1035
S.M.When shall thy love constrain (C. Wesley)1050
S.M.Jesus, the Truth, the Way, (C. Wesley)1059
S.M.Jesus, thy light impart, (Augustus Toplady)1067